“They respond to questions almost immediately and address problems very effectively. They are extremely easy to work with and seem to really appreciate their subcontractor partners. What I was impressed with the most was how MLP addressed making sure we were paid timely. They really get it! When you’re a small start-up company cashflow is everything and our dependency on monthly requisitions getting processed quickly, allows us to service the project’s needs even more effectively.”

Nicholas Ofak
Managing Partner
MP Consulting Services, LLC

“As your site electrical contractor, it was a privilege to work with a management team that was able to solve problems quickly and pay sub-contractors on time. I would strongly recommend any sub-contractor given the opportunity to work with this team to sign up and get on board.”

Thomas Richey
Project Manager
FMC Electric LLC

“In the course of the last two years AMC’s relationship with MLP Builders has flourished into one of our best client-sub relationships. MLP demonstrates great leadership, teamwork, and positive reinforcement in all aspects of the project; they’re an all-around stand up company to work for.”

Michael Rush
Estimator & Project Manager
AMC Fire Protection

“MLP Builders exhibits the highest professionalism and admiration for their projects. They are fair and respectful to their subcontractors. The management team always displays integrity and takes pride in their positions. We would definitely partner with them on any project.”

Wayne Fuhrman
Vice President
Witmer Masonry, Inc.

“It has been a privilege working with MLP PA Builders on the Uptown Worthington and Righters Ferry projects. They are a group with experience, trust, honesty, bringing a full commitment to the projects. I am very impressed with the professionalism and analytical abilities of their staff. The MLP project management team works closely with our people in the field. This effort has made it possible for challenges and project timelines to be met. A “Team” endeavor is promoted with all members of the project including sub-contractors, engineers, and consultants. Their effort for prompt payment as well as their attention to detail, quality, schedule and budget has lead to some very successful projects. I would feel confident recommending them to others in the Industry.“


Gregory Falcone
Nick Falcone & Sons Inc.